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Fort Wayne Wire Die Inc. - European Branch Office
Distribution and Customer Service center for the EMEA-Region

Fort Wayne Wire Die, Inc.
Your most reliable source in precision Wire Drawing Dies

Products & Services

ISO 9001:2012 Certified
Wire drawing dies of the highest quality, consistency and production efficiency are critical to your wire drawing operation. Turn to Fort Wayne Wire Die - the world innovation leader in wire die technology since 1937. Learn more about our full line of wire die products, including Single crystal diamond dies, Poly-Di® polycrystalline diamond dies, matched elongation die sets and more. In line with our manufactured goods, we are offering a broad range of value-adding services, including wire die re-polishing, die inventory management and engineering consultancy.

FORTEK GmbH is a wholly owned subsidiary of Fort Wayne Wire Die, Inc., Indiana, USA and we are operating as their sales, distribution and customer service center for the regions including Continental Europe, the Middle-East, the Russian Federation and North Africa. Please visit the Agents & Distributors section for a detailed overview of the territories covered by Fortek GmbH and our authorized partners. There you can also check if a representative speaking your native language is available.

Wire Drawing Dies

Precision wire drawing dies manufactured to exact customer specifications are our expertise since 1937.

Diamond Wire Drawing Dies

  • Single Crystal Natural Diamond
  • Single Crystal Synthetic Diamond
  • Poly-Di® Poly-crystalline Diamond
  • Laser Apertures / Pinhole Dies

Our polycrystalline diamond dies are available in Compax®, Sumidia® and alternative core materials.

Carbide Wire Drawing Dies

  • Tungsten Carbide

Specialty Products

  • Matched Elongation Die Sets
  • Custom-made Shaped Drawing Dies
  • Compacting Dies
  • Stranding Dies
  • Bunching Dies
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Service Portfolio

We provide value-adding professional services for your wire drawing operation.

Used Die Refurbishment

  • Die Re-Cutting/Repolishing Service
  • Recut Die Inventory Management Services


  • Engineering Services
  • New Product Development
  • Die Room / Machine Setup

Seminars & Trainings

  • Wire die seminars are available at the corporate headquarter in Fort Wayne, USA, including:
  • Hands-on, visual die inspection instruction.
  • Insightful wire-industry experts from around the world.
  • Plus, much more.
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Supplementary Products

Die Room Equipment

  • Microscopes (DM290, DM390)
  • Micrometers (CMS 420)
  • Wire Polishing Machines
  • Wire Pullers
  • Various Other Equipment

Supplementary Products

  • Di-Pro® Diamond Powder
  • Calibration Pins
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Worldwide Coverage

Regions with Sales Agents

  • Poland
  • United Kingdom & Ireland
  • Serbia, Croatia & Montenegro
  • Romania
  • Greece
  • Spain

Regions with Distributors

  • Russian Federation
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Fort Wayne Wire Die, Inc. Logo

Always a Wire Die Leader

Fort Wayne Wire Die has historically been the birthplace of technology that drives the wire drawing and wire die industries. From the first wire die manufacturing equipment and processes developed in the 1930s, to the ongoing engineering advancements that have marked the industrys evolution ever since, Fort Wayne Wire Die has always stood at the forefront. Today, with four manufacturing locations, two additional sales offices and 19 more sales rep firms positioned around the globe, Fort Wayne Wire Die extends this uniquely historic wire die engineering and applications expertise to the world.

Pioneers in Wire Die Innovation

Since its origin in 1937, Fort Wayne Wire Die has been a scientific trailblazer and technological innovator in the production of consistent, ultra-high precision wire drawing dies. FWWD’s ability to hold very close tolerances while producing intricate holes and shapes in the hardest materials on earth led to the company’s development of new markets for ultra-hard precision wear parts. With the ability to produce increasingly more precise dies and components came the need to develop accurate methods to compare the finished product to the design specifications. When readily available measurement devices did not meet the accuracy criteria required by its customers, FWWD developed its own. As a result, we are able to produce dies as small as 0.0076 mm. FWWD holds hole size tolerances on the smallest dies within ten millionths of an inch and even tighter on out-of-roundness variances, becoming the leading global supplier of dies for high-quality fine and ultrafine wire applications.

Leading the Wire Die Evolution: What the 21st Century Holds

In recent years, derived from intensive research in both the lab and the field, FWWD has made discoveries that are changing conventional wisdom in the low-slip, high-speed wire drawing industry, shifting the paradigm away from an emphasis on hole size to that of elongation. With more applications demanding dies that are specified per elongation rates, FWWD has developed its own analysis procedures and proprietary software capable of calculating complete die sets, precisely matched to the elongation of any particular wire drawing machine. This technology yields die sets that elongate wire at exactly the proper rate to maximize high-speed wire drawing efficiency by minimizing downtime associated with wire breaks and capstan wear.

FWWD was the first to develop and implement X-ray technology in its diamond orientation processes, achieving unparalleled alignment optimization of the die axis in relationship to various diamond orientation planes. This maximizes wear resistance to extend die life and wire production consistency. FWWD developed the C300 concentricity comparator to measure ID to OD concentricity in extrusion tips, dies and similar components, allowing for total indicator reading (T.I.R.) verification accuracy to .0002 inch (0.005 mm).

Fortek Team

Customer satisfaction is our excellence

Office Contact & Address

Phone +49 6192 25028
Fax +49 6192 25029

Office Address
Fortek GmbH
Beyerbachstr. 1
65830 Kriftel

Office Hours
9:00 - 17:00 (UTC+1)


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